Gittel Weiss

Connected to Maya SHAPIRO, Class of 2022

Name: Gittel Weiss
Birth: 3/10/1920
Birthplace: Poland
Death: 1/8/2018

Connected to: Maya SHAPIRO, Class of 2022
Connection: Great-Grandmother

My great-grandmother ran away from the Holocaust with her husband. Her parents and siblings decided not to come. My Bubi would never see her family again. While running away, my Bubi had two children. Sadly, one of them passed away due to a lack of food. Additionally, my Bubi had to cover her son’s mouth in the forest so the Nazis wouldn’t hear him crying at night. They soon arrived at a displaced persons camp and then eventually made their way to Canada by boat.

We Remember Gittle


Bubi G, thank you for teaching me what being courageous really means and what hard work looks like. You inspire me every day and will never be forgotten.