Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect?

  • The BSS Holocaust Virtual Memorial only collects information provided to us by the content submitter. This personal information may include email addresses, first and last names, photographs/artifacts, epitaphs, and general information about Holocaust survivors and those who perished, with whom BSS community members have a connection. Through the online submission form on the BSS Virtual Holocaust Memorial site, submitters consent to the information being used by the BSS Virtual Holocaust Memorial team on their online platform. 

How are we using the personal information? 

  • The BSS Virtual Holocaust Memorial, is an initiative that aims to showcase stories and memories about Holocaust connections from members of the The Bishop Strachan School community. Whether that be a connection to a survivor or someone who perished, the Memorial aims to commemorate and shed light on the important stories and experiences submitted through our form. After each story is submitted, a new section is created on our platform, designated to the story that has been shared, to bring to life these authentic and important connections to members of the BSS community. This memorial is an ongoing initiative that will be maintained by future Holocaust Education team members at BSS. We are using this personal information to both inform and educate BSS students, faculty and alumnae about the Holocaust, and the effects this genocide had on so many individuals. 

Access to this platform: 

  • The BSS Holocaust Virtual Memorial is hosted on a publicly accessible website administrated by the BSS Holocaust Education team. By submitting information, you are agreeing to allow the BSS Holocaust Education team to showcase this information to the BSS community and the public through the BSS Holocaust Virtual Memorial website.