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A Message from the BSS Holocaust Education Committee Heads

We believe it is important to commemorate those who perished in the Holocaust and those who survived. It is especially important to recognize our connection to those whose family members have been a part of The Bishop Strachan School community over the years. This virtual memorial allows students, parents, faculty, and alumnae to understand the direct impact the Holocaust has had on our community, as well as learn about the stories of the victims of the Holocaust from various countries around the world.

We must recognize the events that took place during the Holocaust and ensure that we listen and stay connected to survivors, by sharing and learning from their stories. It is unfortunate that we have fewer survivors with us today, which makes it even more important to enable survivors and family members of those who perished to share their stories, either directly from them or through a friend or family member.

Remy Abramson, Class of 2021
Izzy Cundari, Class of 2021
Jaden Bradlow, Class of 2021

The BSS Holocaust Memorial is a Global Learning initiative that helps students understand the impact of the Holocaust worldwide and its breadth of connection to our own community. It is maintained and continually updated by The Bishop Strachan School’s student-led Holocaust Education Committee. We are grateful to Rita Gravina (Director of Global Learning), Rev. Deb Wilson (BSS Chaplain), Kathleen Easton (web designer), Andrea Holland (Marketing and Communications Specialist), Professor Doris Bergen (Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Chair in Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto) and Megan Brohm (research assistant in Holocaust Studies) for their support and guidance in bringing this project to life. We thank everyone who has shared the treasured memories and images of their families, friends and loved ones. We are committed to ensuring they are curated and presented in a respectful and educational manner. All images and stories are used solely for the purpose of our virtual BSS Holocaust Memorial.

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If a member of your family, friend or loved one was affected by the Holocaust, please share your story: